Workers’ Compensation & Commercial Umbrella Insurance
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Minor Insurance Knows States Require Workers’ Compensation Coverage

If your business does not have an adequate workers’ compensation policy, it may only be a matter of time before it is in a time-consuming and costly lawsuit. Workplace accidents happen every day in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Workers’ compensation coverage could handle all medical costs related to an employee’s injury, lost wages, and more. States require workers’ compensation coverage as protection for your business from both sudden accidents or incidents, and injuries that happen over longer periods, such as repetitive back or neck injuries. Contact Minor Insurance online or call (855) 445-0111 today for a free quote on workers’ compensation coverage.

Our Agents Know Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

The insurance experts at Minor Insurance are aware of state workers’ compensation laws and regulations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Requirements can vary depending on the number of employees, whether they perform domestic or farm labor, and more. Speak with our agent to review these types exceptions possible on workers’ comp policies:

  • An employer of domestic workers for any individuals hired to perform such services;
  • An employer of five (5) or fewer full-time employees in agricultural services;
  • An employer of casual workers; or
  • An employer that is a church.

Pennsylvania and West Virginia’s workers’ compensation program is a no-fault system. It guarantees benefits to employees injured on the job, regardless of who is at fault. It exempts employers from employee lawsuits in exchange for these guaranteed benefits, which reduces time-consuming lawsuits.

Workers' Compensation Basics in Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Workers’ compensation insurance pays benefits to any employee who is hurt while performing their job. The coverage extends not only to sudden falls and accidents, but also to injuries that occur over longer time periods, such as back, neck, and repetitive stress injuries. Policies also cover long-term illnesses such as cancer that are a direct result of working conditions.

Workers’ compensation pays for all medical costs and lost wages for the injured employee. Policies cover other treatments related to the injury, such as physical therapy, and even job retraining if the employee cannot return to their original job. It will also pay a death benefit if an employee is killed on the job and pay a lump sum if an employee is permanently disfigured.

Some Occupations Exempt from Workers’ Comp Coverage Include:

  • Professional athletes, including trainers and jockeys engaged in thoroughbred horse racing.
  • Some independent contractors, upon meeting specific restrictions.
  • A workers’ comp policy also protects employees when they are out of the office while performing work duties. Employees traveling for work, working at a client sites, or who attend out-of-state conferences are all covered by your policy.

Save Money with Possible Discounts on Workers’ Comp Insurance

Minor Insurance agents may be able to offer savings to your company based on wellness policies you may have in place. For more on workers’ compensation coverage, call us at (855) 445-0111 to review these savings. Discounts will vary, but a few of the most common discounts are:

Drug-Free Workplace: A discount to businesses with a drug-free workplace program. Program details will vary as will the discount amount.

Group Association Discount: Your business may qualify for a discount if a member of a professional, trade, or industry group or association.

Safety or Fall Prevention Programs: A discount if your business has a safety or fall prevention program in place.

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